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Building a Better War Room: 5 tips on making this year’s… (more)

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In fantasy football, it’s tough to beat draft day… (more)

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Looking for a feature rich digital draft board solution that doesn’t require Internet access and allows unavailable owners to pre-rank and auto-draft their players? If so, you’ll want to check out FanDraft Fantasy Football Draft Board Software (more)

Fighting Change Fantasy

FanSoft Media has recently released the 2009 version of their FanDraft Fantasy Football software. For those of you who have a league where you all get together in one place to conduct your draft, you MUST consider making this a part of your Draft Day. I know you all have the guy who likes to build the draft board on the big posterboard and the color coded markers and all that jazz. I only have one thing to say to that. The 1990’s called, and they want their way of doing things back! Welcome to 2009 my friends, FanDraft is the first digital fantasy football draft board software. Say goodbye to the old posterboard and say hello to an amazing setup that you can project on the wall if you have the capabilities, or you can connect your computer to your flat-screen HDTV. (read full article)

The software used is called Fandraft. Its $30, allows for multiple fantasy leagues, custom team names, pictures/team uploads and even personalized draft music. During the draft the software has many different viewing options such as BAP, team specific/entire league draft results, players at each position that were still available, a draft clock and warning sounds when your time is close to… (read full article)


Let me tell you something – if you like your live fantasy football drafts (and i do), then you will love FanDraft. FanDraft is a digital fantasy football draft board kit that allows you to conduct your draft on a tv/computer/projection screen. I gave it a try – I’m always skeptical – but this software really delivers. The graphics and overall presentation were fantastic and the set up was easy as pie. I hate to spend over 5 minutes setting up anything so I was pleased when all I had to do was shove this in the computer and click a few buttons before I was drafting. (read full article) “Top Fantasy Football downloads”

With the NFL season under way many football fans are just getting started with another great season of Fantasy Football. If you’re a Fantasy sports fan, you’ve probably already mapped out who your favorites  (read full article)

If you run a hard-core football fantasy league, FanDraft Football can help you kick up the realism during the spring draft. The program has a colorful and welcoming interface that looks just like the one the NFL live draft uses. The fantasy coaches can select people for their teams from a large selection of players. You can add, remove, or edit an athlete’s entry in the player database. Since recruiting the right players is as least as important in fantasy leagues as in real life, fantasy football fans may really enjoy this program. (read full article)

FanDraft Football gets your Fantasy Football season started right with the look and feel of a real NFL draft. With crisp clear graphics, you can run FanDraft Football on a projector or digital monitor so everyone can see who gets who as you pick your teams. Stay on top of your opponent’s picks with the streaming draft ticker, automated draft clock, and multiple draft board views. (read full article)

Sports Radio Sucks

For a while now, I’ve wanted to have an electronic draft board for my leagues fantasy football draft. I wanted to get some great fantasy draft board software to help me run my draft like a true NFL style draft.

I did some… ok, quite a bit or research on the web and found what appeared to be, for all intents and purposes, the best draft software on the web. I found it from the folks over at I will say this now in full disclosure… this is NOT a paid advertisement, I received NO compensation for this post (despite all my best efforts), and paid the full retail price ($29.95) to order the draft board software. What follows here is a honest assessment of the software and its impact on the draft.

The ordering was easy, and the software was simple to install. It required nothing more than a download after purchase. There is an option to add a CD backup of the software, but I personally decided it was not needed. After downloading the software and putting in all my information, I gave it a couple of run-through’s to get comfortable with it. This didn’t seem too hard. A few hours before the draft, I hooked my laptop up to a digital projector and put it up on a screen. The projector and screen (as well as venue for the draft) came at the courtesy of my brother-in-law and draftmaster. Now, I have a 50′ Plasma TV which would have worked just as well, but I choose the projector based on ease of set up and portability. (click here to read the full article)

Hardcore Sports Radio

FanDraft was mentioned on Hardcore Sports Radio’s The Fantasy Show (more) :: Listen.

USA Today

At your annual fantasy football draft, you might use those big cardboard draft boards that let you track everyone’s picks–but, not for long. Those boards are about to become history as we enter the digital age of draft boards. With big screen TVs appearing in just about every home, bar, and restaurant, it was only a matter of time before a company would put out a draft board product that fully takes advantage of them. (click here to read the full article)

FanDraft goes another step

Nothing has changed the world of fantasy sports like the explosion of computer and Internet technology, and I thank the geeks of the world who have made this possible, for otherwise the number of people wanting to read this column would be diminished from its already tiny number. It may be theorized that technology’s ability to change the fantasy landscape had reached its peak, but the latest edition of FanDraft software is challenging that.(click here to read the full article)