The new “Hide Selection” feature is an new addition to FanDraft 2016, and he is what it does…

Once a player is added to the player queue by either clicking on the “Player Board” or from the selection drop-down, that player is ready to be selected (by clicking the “DRAFT PLAYER” button). Since the player name visible displays in the box, it gives away who that player will be. A lot of commissioners really want to maintain the drama before announcing the next selection of the draft, and this feature aides in that goal.

To turn on the feature, go to SETUP > DISPLAY PREFERENCES and then check the “Hide Selection Feature” box and that will turn this feature on.

Now during the draft, after a player is clicked, a graphic will display showing the “SELECTION IS IN” and hides the player queue. To help assist in an accidental player being taken, a faint text display of the player can still be seen in the box. Just click the DRAFT PLAYER, and the player will be taken. This is a great feature to combine with the new “Draft Chime” to maintain the drama of a real professional sports draft.

See a little of how it works in our “New FanDraft Features” video: