We have added a bunch of new features to FanDraft this season, primarily focusing on kicking up the realism of the draft experience. Since the focus of FanDraft is to create an excited draft day experience that simulates that of an actual NHL Draft, we took a few queues from watching this year’s draft and implemented them into the 2016 FanDraft Hockey software.

A really fun new feature is the ability to “Hide Selections” before the pick is made. We did a full write-up on that one that goes into great detail, and you can check-out that post here. We also added a bunch of visual features to the draft area, such as informational pop-ups, a draft chime, and a count down introduction that leads into the draft. You can check them all out in the video below:

Here’s a full list of most of the new features in this year’s FanDraft:

New Features in 2016…

  • 2016 NHL Players & Rookies
  • Improved design to the Setup area.
  • Newly designed PreDraft area
  • Added “League Song” for PreDraft
  • “Draft Chime” when players about to be selected
  • Polishing improvements to MP4 “Player Video” playback.
  • Now compatible with all Mac Operating Systems and PC.
  • Ability to automatically alternate “Team Song Tracks” every round.
  • “Keeper on the Fly” functionality (allows users to add keepers players in the middle of the draft – useful for users who have additional picks in some rounds).
  • Draft Clock turns an alert red color when under 15 seconds left.
  • Added ability to change the “Draft Extension” time limit.
  • “Hide Selections” from view feature.
  • Updated “PreDraft” area graphics.
  • Draft “Intro Screen”
  • Enhanced “Team Notes” section
  • New info pop-ups displaying owner info and team needs.
  • And more enhancements to be added throughout the summer…