Draft OrderA lot of fantasy football leagues like to kick things up a notch by doing something special for their draft order lottery. The difference between getting the first pick and the last is a big deal after all, so a league really should take this serious (or at least consider the draft order lottery as something very special).

To help meet this need, FanSoft Media (makers of FanDraft) released Draft Order. This application (much like FanDraft) enhances the draft order lottery process. After setting up your league, you proceed to the “lottery presentation”, where you are then taken through an animated presentation of your league’s selection order.

Similar to FanDraft, the¬†Draft Order¬†application is run on a Mac or PC and is intended to have the display exported to a TV or digital projector for the whole league to enjoy. However, if you decide to do your draft order prior to your live draft and can’t get everyone together, the lottery presentation can also be uploaded to the web, so users can remotely relive the experience from anywhere.

Draft Order screen shot

Draft Order is a great product to combine with FanDraft. If you do your draft order right before the draft, your whole league can combine the same enhanced experience with their draft order lottery as with the FanDraft draft. Not to mention, Draft Order fully integrates with FanDraft, so the draft order and league settings can be imported right into FanDraft.

If you’d like to try our Draft Order, there is a free LITE version available on the official Draft Order website at: http://www.draftorder.com